Natural Language Database Query

There is great need to retrieve information from databases without having to write complex machine-readable queries. Our natural language database interface allows non-technical users to obtain easy access your company data, without complex tools. Your users simply ask for what they need in their own words. See a demonstration.

How Does It Work

1. Natural Language queries originate from users at your website.
2. These queries are forwarded to for processing. A structured reaponse is returned to your website API. This communication occurs in the background and the response is immediate. Your website users remain at your website.
3. Your website uses the structured response to query your database system and return a response to the user.

The following is a schematic, illustrating the operation of the Intelligent Database System.

The sageNLP Intelligent Database System acts only as an interface between between users at your website and your database. No changes to the location or configuration of your database is required. You will provide relevant information regarding the structure of your database during the setup process. You may also choose to host your database with us.

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