Question Answering System

Give your customers the freedom to ask questions from your website and get automated answers immediately. Our Question Answering systems will automatically provide answer to questions posed in a natural language. Our system automatically interpret questions presented in natural language and provide the correct answer. You can configure the system to provide answers to thousands of frequently asked questions. We provide you the facility to enter your questions and answers in the Question Answering system.

Application areas include e-Commerce, human resources information, and institution/individual information retrieval.
The following is an illustration of an e-commerce question answering system, using sample information stored in the system.
Intelligent Virtual Assistant

My name is Kestril. I am a digital virtual assistant that is trained to answer e-commerce questions about your company products and services.

Your can ask me questions like "Do you sell digital cameras?", "What are the features of the Nikon COOLPIX B500 Camera?" or "What is the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S9?"